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What Makes a Great Website?

At Smartee we aren’t interested in doing things the way everyone else does them. We create smart, quality websites that are customer focused. This means we take the time to build a website the right way. We don’t use shortcuts. We don’t believe that “good enough” is ever good enough.

We help people who want a website will help their business make money.

What is a Smart Website?

A smart website is a website that uses the latest technology and techniques to deliver a superior look and feel to visitors and is easy for you to maintain and manage.

A smart website:

  • Loads quickly
  • Does not crash
  • Uses plugins and apps that enhance the end user experience
  • Is responsive and looks great on any device, regardless of screen size
  • Is SEO optimized

Why We Use Wordpress

For most of your website design work we build on a Wordpress framework. Wordpress is a powerful open source system that comes with access to a lot of different tools and plugins. We use Wordpress because it has a well designed back end that allows you to make small changes on your own if you want, without you having to hire a coder.

Because Wordpress is open source, it is incredibly easy to customize. With our development skills and experience we can quickly build high-quality websites capable of amazing things by building on a Wordpress foundation.

What is Means to Have a Customer Focused Website

Many developers fail their clients by creating websites that are works of art, but that don’t work for customers. The point if your website is to make it easy for your customers to do business with you.

When designing websites we use the best practices in user experience and buyer psychology. We make sites that are easy to navigate and lead the customer through your sales funnel.

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