All about Smartee

Why we started Smartee?

We started Smartee after we got tired of seeing too many sloppy websites and web stores. We knew that there was a right way to do things and that meant using custom solutions not just reselling poorly designed straight out of the box ideas for a huge markup.

Quality work

We believe that the smart way to build a website or a web store is to focus on quality work that creates a quality experience for your customers. That means you need a website or web store that loads quickly and that always works just the way you want it to. If your site is down you aren’t making any money.

Web experts

Our approach is different from most other web development firms. We know that we are the web experts, but we also know that you are the expert on your business. Our job is put our expertise in the service of your business. We take your ideas and vision and execute on them.

We do not work with everyone

If you just want something fast and easy, we are not the web development company for you. But, if you want a website or web store that is built to be profitable and reliable, we would love to work with you.


We don’t believe in problems that can’t be solved. If we can’t find the right tool for a job, we will just create a new one. For us, that’s what being a developer is all about. For us, that is the smart way to do business.

Interested In Working With Us?

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